I’ve watched this short film more times than I can count. Warning: adult language… the only language… and only for about 2 seconds.

It was shot by friends Jono Hunter and Darcy Campbell, and stars friends Ian MacDougall and Victor Tomiczek.

It’s 2 minutes of cinematic referential perfection.

The crooked, Crumb-esque telephone polls. The desolate, Burton-esque trees. The too-white, Gollum-esque hands(?!). The Trailer Park Boys meets French indie film piano music at the end.

The reflection in the ditch water. The glaze on the wet sidewalk. The ATV tracks in the mud. The car lights blurring in the fog. The reverse-backward gait of the actors.

(By the way, it was only after I watched it a bazillion times that I noticed that Victor’s character seems to strike an outstretched-arm SUPER MAN pose, as he walks away from the camera, after having encountered Ian’s original SUPER MAN. It’s contagious.)