Seaweed and Sod B&B and Farm

A vacation in Cape Breton can change your life. Just ask Terri Shobbrook. In 2009, Terri and her partner Dave took a 3-week holiday in the East Coast. Six of those days were spent in Cape Breton, and within 3 months they had quit their jobs, pulled up stakes and moved their farm from Seaforth (Huron County), Ontario to Kempt Head, Cape Breton Island.

This place has a tendency to put a spell on people, and their story is actually a pretty familiar one. Except for what they brought with them: cats, dogs, llamas, several heritage varieties of chickens, Naragansett turkeys, Muskovy ducks, Cotswold sheep, Belgium mares and Percheron horses!

“Come for the sunset, Stay for breakfast” goes the slogan of the 100-acre organic farm and Bed & Breakfast that Terri now runs in Kempt Head. Terri’s also an avid photographer, so the website I made for her features a Facebook-like gallery at the top of every page to showcase her photography.