Vancouver Riot: “Tiny Outlets for Enormous Torrents of Rage”

From Nick Hornby’s How To Be Good:

“David, incidentally, is rabidly conservative in everything but politics. There are people like that now, I’ve noticed, people who seem angry enough to call for the return of the death penalty or the repatriation of Afro-Caribbeans, but who won’t, because, like just about everybody else in our particular postal district, they’re liberals, so their anger has to come out through different holes. You can read them in the columns and the letters pages of our liberal newspapers every day, being angry about films they don’t like or comedians they don’t think are funny or women who wear headscarves. Sometimes I think life would be easier for David and me if he experienced a violent political conversion, and he could be angry about poofs and communists, instead of homeopaths and old people on buses and restaurant critics. It must be very unsatisfying to have such tiny outlets for his enormous torrent of rage.”