CBRM Election 2012: Congrats & Thanks

Huge congratulations to Cecil Clarke, and tons of respect to Rankin MacSween; also Glenn Jessome, Elizabeth Barrie, and Wilf Isaac. Congratulations to Eldon MacDonald in District 5, and respect to Doug Johnston, Rico MacEachern, Max MacDonald, Leah Boyd, George Woodberry, and Charlie Long.

Two months ago, we gathered around the radio to hear John Morgan announce he would not re-offer in this election. To us, this signaled that a new direction was inevitable for the CBRM.

Today, no matter who we each voted for, we have a mayor who is committed — on the record! — to not only economic development and job creation, but affordable housing, public transit, addiction services, community engagement, and more. This, I believe, is because VOTERS themselves prioritized these and other important issues of equality, accessibility, and social justice. And so now the real work begins.

I went into this never expecting to win. We thought, hey, we’ll learn a lot (which we did) and we’ll raise my profile a little (which we did) perhaps preparing the ground for 2016. But as more and more people started to come on board, all of a sudden I found myself surrounded — by family, some of my oldest friends, and some of my newest friends — and you all just lifted me up.

In the last 40 days, we turned an exercise in long-term planning into a truly inspiring campaign, one that created a fair amount of buzz. I never needed to prepare myself to lose. But in the last two weeks, I needed to prepare myself to win. The fact that we accomplished that much — and had fun doing it — is remarkable.

And so I thank you, from the bottom of my heart — which has grown three sizes larger since I moved to Cape Breton 12 years ago.