How I Met Your Mom: for Zadie, Shepard & Felix

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US Election / Date Night

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My wife, Ardelle, and I have been watching US presidential debates and election together since 2004. It’s the ‘date night’ equivalent of a leap-year birthday.

Cape Breton Farmers’ Market

The Cape Breton Farmers’ Market is a not-for-profit co-operative that has been in operation for almost thirty years, evolving from an outdoor seasonal market to a year-round indoor market that attracts over a thousand visitors weekly from all over the island.

The Market is the largest market of its kind servicing producers and customers in Cape Breton, and is home to approximately 30 vendors, including farmers, bakers, jewelers, crafters, and much more.

It aims to promote, support, and enhance the development of the local food/artisan industry, while promoting sustainability, healthy eating, and community.

And its former manager is the prettiest girl of all time.