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Philosophy Cafe

Is a profound change in our attitudes towards animals morally required? What are the limits of tolerance in a pluralistic society? What makes human consciousness unique? Is university a racket?

These are some of the questions being asked at this year’s Philosophy Cafe — an informal gathering of faculty, students, staff, and open to the general public — held every second Friday from 2:30-4pm at the Pit Lounge at CBU.

This Friday, November 4th, yours truly asks the question: Is University a racket? (And if so, then so what?).

Each discussion begins with a short introduction to the chosen topic. The conversation that follows is often invigorating, occasionally infuriating, frequently edifying, and always friendly.

The Philosophy Cafe is held every second Friday, from 2:30-4pm, at the Pit Lounge at CBU; and is hosted by the Philosophy and Religious Studies department of CBU, who invite you to come, listen, learn, and join the conversation.

October 21: “Should we all be vegetarians?”

Dr. Richard Keshen asks: Is a profound change in our attitudes toward animals morally required?

November 4: “Is university a racket?”

An investigation into the price, cost, and value of higher education

November 18: “Do computers have minds?”

4th-year philosophy student Shitangshu Roy asks: What makes human consciousness unique?

December 2: “What are the limits of Tolerance?”

Dr. Scott Stewart asks: In a pluralistic society, must we tolerate what we consider to be intolerable?

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