Cape Breton in Munich

Uli Schaarschmidt is an artist who visits Cape Breton every so often to paint sunshiney portraits of fishermen, miners, musicians and wild horses. Some of his Cape Breton paintings were recently featured at this gallery in his hometown Munich.

Here’s what Onni Nordman says about Uli’s work:

“To round out the Expressionist century, Uli Schaarschmidt arrives in Cape Breton from Munich with his emotionally charged gestural art. He takes the things of the world, the things of the mind, and the things of heaven — which are also the things of Cape Breton Island — and he makes of these things bold pictorial fireworks of emotional depth and power.”

Uli’s own website has more images, including a photo gallery titled “Celtic Colours” which includes some images from his 2008 show at the CBU Art Gallery. (Plus one of Uli with us.)

While in Cape Breton, he also spoke at a philosophy cafe where Uli described the events leading up to his arrest, and subsequent 5-year prison term, for his role in the East Germany 1968/69 uprising which was crushed by the Soviet Army.