IDEAS: Powered By Passion

I was honoured to be invited to kick off the 2011 season of IDEAS: Powered By Passion series, put on by New Dawn. Modelled as Cape Breton’s version of the TED talks, the events “aim to encourage new thinking through speech and music, by uncovering the passions of our people through the sharing of their stories.”

The series began last year and while purposely flying under the radar nonetheless attracted a sizeable and loyal following with the likes of speeches from Tom Urbaniak, Jim Mustard, Chris Milburn, Annette Wolf, Joella Foulds, Jeanette MacDonald and Gary Walsh.

Marcie MacKay led off the evening with a note-perfect presentation on the ABCS of Building Neighbourhoods, a project focused on improving developmental assets in the community; and Carolyn Lionais delivered her unique blend of hilarious sonic soul-searching.