You know the dream where your teeth are falling out and they start to crumble and get jagged and they bleed and break apart and they grow too big for your mouth and you get two rows of teeth like a shark and you can’t close your mouth and you’re trying to hide it from everyone but you look in the mirror and you think no one can see what’s going on in there but you can feel around with your tongue, you can feel your loose teeth wobbling around in there and you can feel how jagged and broken your teeth are and it keeps getting worse – you’re going to try to pull your teeth out – when you bite down it’s like you’re chewing on shale rocks and you think if you pull out the loose ones it’ll get better but underneath is infected, the hole where your tooth was is just gross like black and bloody and bony and maybe if you pull all the loose teeth out you’ll have no teeth left but then maybe you can go to the dentist and get new fake teeth – but you can’t go to the dentist like this, with everything in your disintegrating and gross mouth, you have to hide it from the dentist because he’ll know you didn’t floss – and you pull the loose ones out and you can feel little bits of tissue with your tongue, little bits of your gums stretching and tearing, skin flaps, and the nerve or whatever that is, the little string that connects your teeth to your jawbone, like your teeth are plugged-in – and you’re looking in the mirror but you can’t get your whole hand in your mouth and still see inside your mouth in the mirror so you open your mouth as wide as possible and look in the mirror then from memory try to find the loose tooth with your fingers and after you’ve performed this minor auto-surgery you try to close your mouth and you are desperate you’re just hoping it’ll all go away and you close your mouth and test your bite and you’re praying that when you bite down that if this all just goes away I’ll never forget to floss ever again but it’s still there the wobbly loose teeth like a mouthfull of shale rocks the jagged broken disintegrating mess – I want to go as that for Halloween, mommy, can you make me that costume? he said.