CBU Press

For 35 years, CBU Press has served as a link between Cape Breton University and its broader communities, publishing (mainly) works related to Community Economic Development, Culture and History – “literature of significance to Cape Breton Island and that which enhances knowledge about the Island, its history and cultural preservation.”

With this redesigned website, we hope to continue to serve this function, cultivating a reading community both online and off. Look for more interactivity and even an e-book or two in the future.

Continuing the tradition of making connections within and between communities, CBU Press recently published The Failure of Global Capitalism: From Cape Breton to Colombia and Beyond, by CBU professors, academics and social justice activists (and good friends of mine) Terry Gibbs and Garry Leech.

The book looks at how two coal-mining communities are deeply effected by globalization as companies in the global North (Canada, the US and Europe), taking advantage of free-trade deals and neoliberal policies in general, exploit the natural resources and cheap labour of the global South (Latin America, Africa, Asia). The result is “militant labour struggles, repression, economic insecurity, population displacement, social inequality and environmental devastation” – in both hemispheres.

Published in 2009 but written prior, the book exposed the failure of transnational capitalism – before the global financial crisis made it plain for everyone to see.

CBU Press has also published local calls, a book of poetry by another good friend of mine, Sean Howard of Main-à-Dieu. Click here to read my introductory remarks from the book launch.