#CBSMC: Cape Breton’s 1st Social Media Conference

I hope attendees of Cape Breton’s 1st Social Media Conference don’t come away thinking they need to get their business or organization on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and YouTube.

Savior Joseph, Director of Digital Marketing for Colour, got it right when he said it’s all about experimenting with the various tools until you find the right fit for your company or organization. Twitter is the perfect solution for the mobile “fusion taco” wagon in Southern California whose customers want to be able to find out where it’s parked at any given time of day; Twitter might serve no purpose for Fuzzy’s Fries in downtown Sydney.

But Joseph got it wrong when he said that social media is ultimately about “conversion” – a sly word for selling the product. When advertisers “engage” or enter into a conversation with the goal – short or long term – of selling a product, that’s economic media. A new means for the same old end. In fact, it’s plainly anti-social.

When your company or organization creates online content in order to deepen its role in the community (online and off), and when people interact with that content because what you’re offering is meaningful to their lives, that’s social media. Otherwise you’re just confusing the medium with the message.